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Child Abduction Tips

We sincerely hope that your child will never have to use any of these tips, but knowing these simple rules will help to empower them if an abduction occurs, and may save their life.

Teach You Child To:
1. If they are grabbed from behind, around the neck and shoulders, they should:
Drop down, twist their body, and scream.

2. If they are grabbed by the wrist, they should:
Pull down and twist the attacker's thumb to break the hold. They should NOT pull away because that's where the adult has strength.

3. To escape if in a store, they should:
Knock things off shelves, run, fight, scream.

4. To escape if outside, they should:
Run into the nearest house, or business/store and ask for help. Call 911.
5. To escape if in a parking garage they should:
1. Run between cars.
2. Knock against cars.
3. Pull on door handles to set off the car alarms.
6. If locked in a car trunk they should:
1. Kick out the car's stop lights for air and wave out of the hole for help.
2. Pull out any wires they can get their hands on.

NOTE: IF YOUR CHILD IS KIDNAPPED, TELL THE POLICE "MY CHILD KNOWS HOW TO KICK OUT STOP LIGHTS, AND TEAR OUT THE WIRES OF BACK LIGHTS." Then they will have a much better chance of finding your child fast because they will stop every car without back lights.
7. If your child is grabbed and put into a car they should:
1. Try to climb into the back seat so they can get the back door open and escape. The front doors are usually locked.
2. Slide down onto front floor and reach up under the dash and pull any wires they can get their hands on. Often this will bring the car to a stop.
3. Pound the card horn and scream as loudly as they can
4. Jam their foot on top of the kidnapper's foot on the accelerator and ram the car in front, if stopped at a light.
8. If your child is kidnapped and kept in a house or apartment they should:
1. Flash room lights as an SOS signal.
2. Clog the toilet with a towel and keep flushing to flood the apartment below.
3. Try every window and door in the house.
First and foremost, make sure your child knows never to go with someone they don't know.  

Your child should not remain quiet or still, even if the abductor threatens to shoot or stab her/him. That's not part of their immediate plan. Teach them to fight for their life because they will most-likely be killed otherwise.